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Super Smasher’s Saturday–Brawl Tomorrow Nov. 1st

If you’ve signed up for the Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tournament, don’t forget– it’s tommorow! That’s Saturday, November 1st @ 11 AM– show up as soon as possible to sign in– if you’re late, we might give your spot to somebody else! And speaking of which…

If you haven’t signed up for the tournament yet but you WANT to, the sign-up sheet is full. BUT, if you show up on Saturday morning, we can put you on a waiting list, and if anyone who’s signed up DOESN’T show up, you get in! Last month all we had extra openings and even some empty spaces– and one of those people made it to our Grand Champion Tournament in December! So come join us!

If you can’t make this Saturday, we still have one more open team tournament this year, on November 15. Sign ups for November 15 Team Tournament start Monday, November 3rd at the Teen Librarian’s desk.


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Teen Ink and they mean it

Over at the side of this page, under “blogroll, ” you’ll see a link that says “Teen Ink.” You might also have seen a few issues of the print version of Teen Ink, a newpaper-style magazine in the YA section upstairs.

This evening Mrs. Lee asked me if we should subscribe to Teen Ink for good now that we’ve tested it out here these past few months. My opinion is of COURSE we should, because it is possibly the coolest magazine in the YA collection! But I don’t know how many of you have noticed this yet, so here’s me encouraging you to check out this awesomeness.

Teen Ink isn’t an ordinary magazine for teens. It is a magazine written entirely BY teens. Teens just like you, or at least like some of your friends! There’s room in the magazine for any kind of article you can write: news, sports, book-movie-music reviews, true stories, fictional stories, poetry, opinion essays, and more. There’s even teen artwork and photography.

It’s definitely worth reading. But what I’d really love to see is you WRITING for it. Take a chance! Is there an article, short story, review, or work of art you’ve done that you think is pretty good? SHARE IT! Click on the Teen Ink link here, or check out a copy of the magazine from the library to browse for inspiration. Then find the “Submission guidelines” section– follow the directions– and see where your work takes you. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself published…. 


Respond here with your thoughts!

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This blog is for you guys- the readers, and we want to hear from you! If you have a book/movie/cd/play/whatever review that you would like to publish on our blog, simply contact us at the teen desk and we’ll send your wordpress account an invitation to join our blog. Need help starting a wordpress account? We can help you out there as well.

On the same note, we need some input on what kind of program’s YOU’D like to see in the teen room. Like to paint? Tell us an idea you have about painting in the teen room. Like photography? LET US KNOW! We’re always open to suggestions and now’s the time to put your plans into motion.

Adios, Amber.

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MINE FIRST! (evil cackling); or, a book suggestion

OOO! Librarian privilege! The library just got in three copies of the final book in Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart  trilogy, Inkdeath… and I’ve snatched our YA copy (there are also two copies in the children’s section,* but these are both already checked out, too)! I promise to read it quickly…

BECAUSE, if you haven’t read these books yet, and you love fantasy, and especially if you just love BOOKS, the most book-loving fantasy trilogy of all is a must-read! Cornelia Funke’s epic fantasies explore what happens when books come to life: what would happen if a bad guy from a book made it into our world? What would happen if you ended up in the world of a book? Who controls a book anyway, the author or the characters? These books are full of danger, mystery, and amazing things.

Read Inkheart first. Inkspell comes next, and then, finally, well I guess I will have returnedInkdeath by then…

* Note: just because the book happens to be also shelved in the children’s section does NOT by any means mean that it is babyish, stupid, or not exciting enough– just that many elementary school aged kids can enjoy it too (another note: I would NOT give it to your five year old brother, though). In my opinion, we probably also ought to have a copy in the adult section! So anyway, don’t let that dissuade you.

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Remember Every Wednesday Open Gaming!!

Come to the teen room every Wednesday to practice for the next Brawl tournament November 1st…It will be here before you know it…

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Super Smash Brothers October 2008

Hey Smashers,

We had a really great time at the October tournament.

1st place- Anthony Corkas

2nd place- Isaiah Perry

3rd place- Matthew Gereke

Thanks to everyone coming out…sign up begins next week for November!!!

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Cosmic Bowling Rocks!!

We took a break from Brawl last week to spend some time Cosmic Bowling with strobe lights and Wii Sports/Bowling. Everyone in attendance said that they had a lot of fun and would like to try it again some time in the teen room. I suggested battle of the bands? Anyone interested?  

Don’t forget about Brawl Tournament this Saturday!!

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