MINE FIRST! (evil cackling); or, a book suggestion

OOO! Librarian privilege! The library just got in three copies of the final book in Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart  trilogy, Inkdeath… and I’ve snatched our YA copy (there are also two copies in the children’s section,* but these are both already checked out, too)! I promise to read it quickly…

BECAUSE, if you haven’t read these books yet, and you love fantasy, and especially if you just love BOOKS, the most book-loving fantasy trilogy of all is a must-read! Cornelia Funke’s epic fantasies explore what happens when books come to life: what would happen if a bad guy from a book made it into our world? What would happen if you ended up in the world of a book? Who controls a book anyway, the author or the characters? These books are full of danger, mystery, and amazing things.

Read Inkheart first. Inkspell comes next, and then, finally, well I guess I will have returnedInkdeath by then…

* Note: just because the book happens to be also shelved in the children’s section does NOT by any means mean that it is babyish, stupid, or not exciting enough– just that many elementary school aged kids can enjoy it too (another note: I would NOT give it to your five year old brother, though). In my opinion, we probably also ought to have a copy in the adult section! So anyway, don’t let that dissuade you.


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  1. movierus said

    Cornelia Funke recently advised that she hoped that young readers would not pick up Inkdeath – yet.

    Inkheart is targeted to 8-9 year olds and Inkspell to 9-11. Funke hopes that 13 year olds would have matured into the topics in Inkdeath.

    Inkheart a movie will be released in the US in Jan 2009, check out the trailer http://www.inkheartstore.com

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