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This Week’s Programs & New CD Spotlight

We have hip AND delicious programs happening this week, so stop and see us!

Monday, Metamorphosis, 3:30-5:30pm:  You know all those t-shirts and tote bags you have with designs on them?  Designs that look like they were painted on?  They were screenprinted and that’s what we’re going to learn how to do today!  I’ll even show you how you can screenprint at home with simple materials so you can make your own t-shirts whenever inspiration strikes!

Tuesday, Act One, 2:30-4:30pm:  Loosen up and act out short plays and play improv games with Beth and an actor who recently graduated from the Peters Township High School Theatre Troupe!


Wednesday, Creatures, 2:30-3:30:  Join Beth as she reads aloud from All Creatures Great and Small, a book about a veterinarian.  Then get set loose on a scavenger hunt that will send you all over the library!

Wednesday, All Ages Game On!, 6-8:30pm:  Come one, come all (ages) to our monthly All Ages Video Game Night.  Brush up on your Brawl skills and sign up for the upcoming tournament.  Or tire out your arm with Boomblox and Rock Band!  Check out our new Xbox 360 games Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground and Stuntman Ignition.  We’ll also have chess boards and playing cards for you to use while you’re waiting your turn at a console.

Thursday, Genres, 2:30-3:30:  Genre-of or pertaining to a particular literary type…such as mysteries, adventure stories, horror, romance.  Listen to Beth read a short story or an excerpt from a  Sci-Fi book.  Then write your own story, on your own or with a partner, that fits into this week’s genre. 

Thursday, Teen Movie Lounge, 4:00-6:00: Every week we watch a movie. This week we have a few choices

Goonies                                                      Batman Begins (because The Dark Knight comes out soon!!!!)  








                                                                           Or Jumanji

We’ll vote on which film to show when you all get here!  Some come get cool in the library and snack on popcorn with us.

Friday, Late Night @ the Library, 6:30-9:30pm:  Two of our favorite things combine this week, chocolate and music.  Come dip fruit and popcorn in melted chocolate, eat cookies, chocolate kisses, chocolate-covered pretzels, and more with us!  We’ll have a chocolate and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-themed trivia contest.  If you get a chance, make a mix CD or tape to bring with you.  We’ll put them all in a box, play some of them during the chocolate sampling, and then everyone who brought a mix gets to pick one out of the box to take home with them.  What could be better than a night of chocolate and new music???

Saturday, Project Design, 11am-1pm:  Come alter t-shirts, learn how to turn plastic grocery bags into fabric, and shrink plastic into jewelry with us!  We’ll also use fabric, boxes, index cards, candy wrappers, and whatever you can think of to make more clothing and accessories.

New CDs in the Teen Collection!


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Attention All Aspiring (and Actual) Film Makers

Hey Teens of Peters Township! What are you doing with your summer?

Ever consider making a short film?

This summer at the library the teen program is hosting a short film contest just for teens called “A Rendering of Change.”  The topic of the contest is to involve “change” in your short film in some way or another. The film should be no more than 10 minutes in length and to submit it we ask you post it to YouTube with “peterstownshippubliclibrary” tagged. Films must be uploaded to YouTube by Monday July 28th. On Thursday July 31st at 4pm a film festival will take place in the teen room where the short films will be viewed and voted on by the audience. All submitted films will be shown. A time table will be written a few days before the film fest after all entries are received so friends and family can come and be sure to see your film! 

There will be a few different ways to win prizes and YES there will be prizes. Stay tuned for more details.


UNTIL THEN… better get filming!



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I came across this website Lost Zombies today and thought it might be of interest to some of you.  The purpose of the site is to gather definitive proof that zombies exist and turn it into a documentary which can be used to educate people about zombies. 

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of friends who are serious about zombies’ existence and zombie escape plans!  I’m not saying everyone should formulate a plan…but I do think interested parties should stop by the library to check out some of our zombie-related resources:

Night of the Living Dead by local filmmaker George Romero

28 Days Later-DVD

Zombies Calling-Graphic Novel

Zombie Lovers by Piers Anthony

 Don’t forget to sign up for the August 4th Metamorphosis Program.  We’ll be learning about special effects make-up so that you can turn yourself into a zombie for our August 8 Late Night @ the Library Thriller Dance Party!!  Sign up in the program binder at the Circulation Desk!!!


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Eat Bugs @ Your Library!

Here is a link to all our Teen Summer Programming information.  It’s a two-sided document, so read everything!  The front has all the planned programs (there are more to come).  The back has all info you need to know about our Summer Reading Program, Metamorphosis @ Your Library, and how you can become eligible to enter our weekly and grand prize drawings. 

We have some great stuff planned, like eating bugs
(well, not such intense big bugs and not bug sushi, but you get the idea), screenprinting, acting, gaming, chalk murals, making wallets out of cereal boxes and Friday Late Night @ the Library.  And some other activities that are still in the works, like the open mic nights.  Basically anything that makes us think of metamorphosis, or a profound change in form. 

We’d love to hear what you think, so speak out. 


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