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Have you voted on your favorite book from 2008 yet?

…because I’m about to change my own old vote, actually. Who says you can only vote once?

Well, today is my last day here before I turn the reins over to Maddie for good. And I have to admit that, though of course working with you all is just swell and all, probably the thing I’ll REALLY SELFISHLY miss most about this job is this easy access to the New Books shelf I have, scooping up the Latest and Greatest before anybody else can get their hands on it! I’ve read a lot of terrific titles this year, but last night I finished a book that was SO GOOD I just had to get on here and recommend it to you specifically.

That book is Nation by Terry Pratchett.
Nation by Terry Pratchett

It’s the story of the survivors of a tidal wave coming together to try to start again after everything they know is turned upside down. Mostly it is the story of Mau, who grew up on the island his people called The Nation, who’d been away on his trial of becoming a Man when the wave came and destroyed everyone he had ever known, who’s angry and numb and not sure who he is anymore; and the story of a girl from British nobility who prefers to be called Daphne (though that isn’t actually her name), who had her share of heartache even before becoming the sole survivor of the ship that crashed into the island during the wave (well, ALMOST sole, if you count the parrot).  Their story is full of bits that will make you cry and bits that will make you laugh; it’s full of adventure and danger and discovery; it’s full of healing and rebirth. It is a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, turning pages, and then wishing there was more when you’re done.

I already was a big fan of Sir Terry Pratchett (he just got knighted a couple weeks ago because he’s that awesome!) for his hilarious fantasy satires in the Discworld series (which we have a lot of in both our regular and paperback YA sections AND in the adult fiction section– check them out, too). Nation is a different sort of book entirely, but one you will never forget.

I put this book on the shelf in the Teen Room with the rest of the great new books on display in the corner, waiting for you to come and check out their awesomeness.  Come in and take a look at it and the rest of the books there, and don’t forget to vote for YOUR new favorite!

I’ll see you around after I become part of the crowd fighting to check out all the great new books like a normal person….



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Printz Awards

The Printz Award winner will be announced on January 26th, an honor given for excellence in Young Adult literature.  Come and check out the new display in the Teen Room, which includes past award winners, honor books and contenders for the 2009 spot.  What was your favorite book this year?  Come and place your vote for the Peter’s Township Printz Award!  The voting box is available next to the display.

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New Books are Rolling in Again!

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a lot of new books to be excited about. Here’s some that I think seem interesting.

Likely Story is about a teenage girl that thinks the soaps her mom stars in are unrealistic. She talks about it on her blog and gets hired to write her own. Trouble with friends, her new job, and her mom ensues.

Seventeen year old Memer has grown up in a town where reading and books are considered evil but her family feels otherwise. With the arrival of a poet and his wife the town is called upon to rebel against the system underwhich it is ruled. The book Voices by Ursula K. Le Guin is one of two new books ordered to the library so if you like this one check out her other called Powers.

Come by the New Books shelf outside the teen room. We’ve narrowed it down to the newest of the new.


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A New Book Related to a Previous New Book

magic burns



I don’t know how many of you read up about the new books we have coming into the library but a little bit ago we posted about a book called Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews.  Hopefully some of you came by and checked out this book that’s a cool new twist on fantasy. Haven’t checked it out yet? Scroll down to our previous post on it!

For those of you that read it and loved it we got in the sequel Magic Burns. Critics say, “Fans of urban fantasy wil delight in Ilona Andrew’s alternate-universe Atlanta.” 

If you like Laurell K. Hamilton or Patricia Briggs, these books are worth looking at.

If you like CSI or The X-Files, you might also like these books.

So come by the teen room and look at the new book shelf right outside to check out both of these books by Ilona Andrews, an up-and-coming fantasy author.


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More New Books

For our fantasy lovers….   Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews. But this one has a mystery twist. The heroine Kate fights off supernatural bad guys in an other-worldly Atlanta.

magic bites


If you’re looking for something a little more traditional with a new twist try Gareth Hinds’ graphic novel version of Merchant of Venice. The story is originally written by Shakespeare. It has love and cross dressing and close close close male friendship. Definitely worth reading.

Come check them out!


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Manga “Maid of Honor”

The series Emma by Kaoru Mori is a new book in our young adult graphic novel collection (as promised the graphic novel collection is growing!).


This series is a graphic historical fiction staying true to its setting in late 19th century England. It’s a romance where the servant falls in love with the son of her employing family. As seen in the image above, the illustrations in this graphic novel are excellent.

Before checking out the books, you may want to read an article about the series as it is featured in this month’s issue of Anime Inisder, in our YA magazine collection. 

anime insider


The article about Emma is called “Maid of Honor” and begins on page 30. The article is pretty short but serves as a great introduction to the series – meet the characters, learn some background,and find out how it’s unique in comparison to other maid tales. 




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