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Details about this week’s programming

There will be no Teen Movie Lounge this week. There will be the Short Film Festival during the same time though and we’ll probably still make popcorn.

Bird watching will continue on Wednesday even if it is raining. We have some indoor activities we could do if the weather does not permit going outside.

Genres will feature short stories again!


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Movie tonight!

This thursday at TEEN Movie Lounge we’re showing Mean Girls.

mean girls


Enough said.



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This Thursday’s Movie

At teen movie lounge this week we will be watching Blue Crush. A great summer flick about a surfer chick with a chance of winning it big by either following her dream or every other girl’s dream. She has to decide. Hunky football players and supportive gal pals are involved.

 blue crush


See you there!



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This Week’s Teen Movie Lounge

This week’s movie is Stardust a fantasy romance where a young man ventures into a magical world to catch the fallen star and bring it back to his love. But the star, which was sought by many, turned into a woman.

Starring Charlie Cox, Sienna Miller, Claire Danes, Robert DeNiro and Michelle Pfeiffer. 



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Sky High or Beowulf????

I’m sure everyone is celebrating NO SCHOOL NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!

I’m celebrating too because I’m seeing more and more of you at the library. As I know so many of you will plan on coming to the Teen Movie Lounge this Thursday I thought I’d ask the question early this week: What should we watch?

Sky High or Beowulf??

sky high








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Teen Movie Lounge Tonight

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