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More New Books

For our fantasy lovers….   Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews. But this one has a mystery twist. The heroine Kate fights off supernatural bad guys in an other-worldly Atlanta.

magic bites


If you’re looking for something a little more traditional with a new twist try Gareth Hinds’ graphic novel version of Merchant of Venice. The story is originally written by Shakespeare. It has love and cross dressing and close close close male friendship. Definitely worth reading.

Come check them out!



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Manga “Maid of Honor”

The series Emma by Kaoru Mori is a new book in our young adult graphic novel collection (as promised the graphic novel collection is growing!).


This series is a graphic historical fiction staying true to its setting in late 19th century England. It’s a romance where the servant falls in love with the son of her employing family. As seen in the image above, the illustrations in this graphic novel are excellent.

Before checking out the books, you may want to read an article about the series as it is featured in this month’s issue of Anime Inisder, in our YA magazine collection. 

anime insider


The article about Emma is called “Maid of Honor” and begins on page 30. The article is pretty short but serves as a great introduction to the series – meet the characters, learn some background,and find out how it’s unique in comparison to other maid tales. 




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If you were worried about our limited graphic novel collection, never fear with Kelly’s expert ordering it’s steadily growing!

This week we received many titles from the Flight, The Sandman, and + Anima series. There are way too many books to list any in particular but come by and check them out. Just by the cover I think the books look like they’ll make for some great summer reading (or school year reading, whatever).

We’re not just bringing in graphic novels! Our fiction and non-fiction collections are also growing. While putting out some of the new books this one in particular caught my eye.

American Shaolin

“Re-enter the dragon- Matthew Polly’s gerbil style will totally defeat your dragon style! Just call him a hard boiled egg: white on the outside, yellow on the inside. The most Asian of Kanasans will Wu-Tang you into the apocalypse.” – Mark Oppenheimer, author of Thirteen and a Day

“A lot of people talk about becoming a real live ninja and don’t do a thing. That’s bullcrap. But this guy actually did it! In conclusion, Matthew Polly is the complete opposite of a wimpy baby.” – Robert Hamburger, author of REAL Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Book.

Goodluck checking it out – Kelly and I both want to read it.




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Notice, the teen materials are not on the second floor.

The Young Adult collection has been moved to the first floor so that it is closer to the Teen Reading Room.  Pay careful attention as I lay it all out for you, as things are not all in one place!

New Fiction, Nonfiction, & Graphic Novels:  Located on the shelves just outside the Teen Reading Room.

Books on CD: Are also located on the shelves just outside the Teen Reading Room.

CDs:  Are located just inside the Teen Reading Room (look to your left when you walk through the door).

Fiction, Nonfiction, Magazines, Graphic Novels, Paperbacks, Paperback Classics, & CliffsNotes: Are all on the first floor near the elevator.  Look for the labels on the end of the shelves.  They will tell you what call numbers are on the shelves.

Have questions?  Ask at the desk outside the Teen Room or at the Circulation Desk.

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