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Teen Ink and they mean it

Over at the side of this page, under “blogroll, ” you’ll see a link that says “Teen Ink.” You might also have seen a few issues of the print version of Teen Ink, a newpaper-style magazine in the YA section upstairs.

This evening Mrs. Lee asked me if we should subscribe to Teen Ink for good now that we’ve tested it out here these past few months. My opinion is of COURSE we should, because it is possibly the coolest magazine in the YA collection! But I don’t know how many of you have noticed this yet, so here’s me encouraging you to check out this awesomeness.

Teen Ink isn’t an ordinary magazine for teens. It is a magazine written entirely BY teens. Teens just like you, or at least like some of your friends! There’s room in the magazine for any kind of article you can write: news, sports, book-movie-music reviews, true stories, fictional stories, poetry, opinion essays, and more. There’s even teen artwork and photography.

It’s definitely worth reading. But what I’d really love to see is you WRITING for it. Take a chance! Is there an article, short story, review, or work of art you’ve done that you think is pretty good? SHARE IT! Click on the Teen Ink link here, or check out a copy of the magazine from the library to browse for inspiration. Then find the “Submission guidelines” section– follow the directions– and see where your work takes you. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself published…. 


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Attention Teens Attending Writer’s Studio

Writers’ Studio is going to change a little from your first meeting.

From now on bring printouts of your work on workshop nights. We’re going to make copies and EVERYONE is going to read them and offer suggestions.

If your vocabulary consists only of the word “good” learn new words to offer constructive criticism before you come on the 22nd.

Writers are going to be asked to read their work aloud. Any of you with longer works prepare seperate sections for each Writers’ Studio meeting. Each writer may bring up to 10 pages to workshop each meeting.

Writers’ Studio is running from 6 to 7:30 pm.  

Any questions or suggestions about Writers’ Studio leave a comment or email Kelly at .


REMEMBER: Good writing is not marked by how many of your friends like it (unless you are friends with many big name publishers and critics)! Good writing speaks to diverse audiences – that’s how you get published. This is why we seek out workshops such as Writers’ Studio. We want to get advice from other writers who are not afraid of hurting our feelings by giving us ways to improve.



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Dear Writer Teens,

I’m writing you this letter because I want you to know that a creative writing group will start meeting at the library on July 8th at 6pm in the teen room. This group will meet every other Tuesday to share their current and past writing projects so that all can workshop to make their writing better. 

Come ready to share and give opinions to other writers. Not sure where this short story is going? Offer it up to the group for suggestions. Have this great idea that you can’t get off the ground? Ask the group for ideas to get your pen started. Thought this poem was great but no one else liked it? Maybe the group can help you tweak it. Prepare for publication through the consult of this group. Discuss where to go to get published. 

Bring along your writing supplies incase inspiration keeps flowing.



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