Attention Teens Attending Writer’s Studio

Writers’ Studio is going to change a little from your first meeting.

From now on bring printouts of your work on workshop nights. We’re going to make copies and EVERYONE is going to read them and offer suggestions.

If your vocabulary consists only of the word “good” learn new words to offer constructive criticism before you come on the 22nd.

Writers are going to be asked to read their work aloud. Any of you with longer works prepare seperate sections for each Writers’ Studio meeting. Each writer may bring up to 10 pages to workshop each meeting.

Writers’ Studio is running from 6 to 7:30 pm.  

Any questions or suggestions about Writers’ Studio leave a comment or email Kelly at .


REMEMBER: Good writing is not marked by how many of your friends like it (unless you are friends with many big name publishers and critics)! Good writing speaks to diverse audiences – that’s how you get published. This is why we seek out workshops such as Writers’ Studio. We want to get advice from other writers who are not afraid of hurting our feelings by giving us ways to improve.




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