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Programs are fun! You should come too!

This morning I used the T-shirt Bag I made at yesterday’s teen room program at the grocery store. We made some pretty cool bags yesterday afternoon, I must say. That’s just one example of the new things you get to do when you come to a library program.

Of course, the big program we’re looking forward to the rest of this week is National Gaming Day @ Your Library! That’s this Saturday! With a Team Brawl tournament on the big screens, and new and classic games of all types in all the rest of the library, you have to come check it out!

Other upcoming events: Late Night @ the Library on November 20 will be a Turkey Tournament– a night of Cosmic Bowling and virtual table tennis, food and surprises.

November 25 is another open Writer’s Studio– come and share your writing!

And December 6 is the Brawl Tournament FINALS– come cheer on the champions (and don’t forget to come play if you qualified!)


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Can you stomach our Fear Factor Challenge?

Find out tonight at the library!

Join us from 6:30-9:30pm for a Fear Factor Challenge, assorted games (boxball, statues, possibly some Super Smash Bros. Brawl…), and prizes–if you eat the most Fear Factor items.

We’ll be doing something different every Friday night, so round up your friends and roll in to the library. And don’t forget to stop by this Monday at 3:30pm to make duct tape mp3 holders and wallets with us!

Cookies will be allowed!

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