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Attention Summer Readers

I hope all of you who signed up for summer reading are still reading! Five prizes are still being drawn weekly. If you haven’t already, turn in slips tracking your minutes read. Even if you haven’t won yet, you could still win a prize at the end of summer reading picnic.


Which reminds me, watch the mail over the next week.  Teens signed up for summer reading will be receiving invitations to the End of Summer Reading Picnic which is coming up soon!  Look for the information for details but I can tell you this: IT’S GONNA BE GOOD! 




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Details about this week’s programming

There will be no Teen Movie Lounge this week. There will be the Short Film Festival during the same time though and we’ll probably still make popcorn.

Bird watching will continue on Wednesday even if it is raining. We have some indoor activities we could do if the weather does not permit going outside.

Genres will feature short stories again!

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Summer Reviews- Lend me a Tenor

Instead of reviewing a book or movie, I thought I would review a play that’s going on right now at Little Lake Theatre called Lend Me a Tenor.

Lend Me a Tenor is a hilarious, entertaining comedy about a famous Italian opera star named Tito Merelli and an identity-stealing singer named Max. Tito is making his American debut at the Cleveland Grand Opera Company, but everything isn’t so simple. Max, an assistant to Mr. Saunders (the man who booked Tito at the opera), poses as Tito in the performance when he and Saunders believe that Tito is dead. The truth is that Tito isn’t dead- he just took some pills that made him fall asleep. Tito wakes up hours later, confused about what happened that night when people talk to him about the show. It causes a lot of problems for the characters, but a lot of laughs for the audience. All the actors and actresses in the show are so funny and they play their parts perfectly. I highly recommend that you should see it.

The show plays from July 24-August 9. Call Little Lake Theatre at 724-745-6300 to reserve your seats or visit their website at

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Little Brother

I have mentioned this to some of you, but not all of you.  My new favorite book, and maybe new favorite book of all time, is Little Brother by Cory Doctorow.

Xbox gaming consoles, that is.  This is a powerful book that will appeal to all types of readers.

Today I came across this Little Brother-inspired YouTube video that some teens made.  Check it out:

Also, there is a great Q&A with the author, Cory Doctorow, on YouTube.  It was a stop he made at a library during his book tour and it’s broken down into 7 parts.  The first segment of it is here.

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Some Friendly Reminders

1. The deadline for the short film contest is this coming monday! Those of you working on short films should get that finished up and posted on YouTube. If you haven’t already, make sure you let Kelly know that you’ve made a film for our contest so we make sure to find it on YouTube.

2. Pita plays at the library tomorrow night! Let’s call it a Pita and Pizza party.

3. Birdwatching will happen again next wednesday. We had some success this week! (If there is rain on Birdwatching days the program still takes place we just find ways to participate inside).

4. Shelf construction has now been completed in the teen room. Changes in book locations for the YA department may be taking place over the next few weeks. If you can’t find something come ask at the YA desk!

5. When you come in to play video games, don’t forget to bring your library card and your white gaming card. If you still don’t have your own library card… ASK! If you’re old enough to be in the teen room you’re old enough to have your own library card.

6. There are still five spots available for the Saturday, August 2nd Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament. Come to the teen desk to sign up. The monthly tournament sign-ups will be available only before each individual tournament to make sign ups fair. If you don’t get to sign up during pre-registration in the first 32 slots come to the tournament anyways just in case pre-registrants don’t make it. Open gaming will be available on the X-Boxes during tournaments.

That’s all I can think of right now.



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Genres this Week

At genres this week we will be looking at short stories. Instead of me gabbing on for most of the program we’re going to listen to a PRI (Public Radio International): Selected Shorts podcast.

We can also explore the library’s short story collections and try our hand at writing our own!


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Bird Watching Update

We will be bird watching for the next two weeks at the library. On Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:30 a group of us will go out side to watch the birds behind the tennis courts across the parking lot. We will record our sightings in our bird watching journals, which we will make before hand and look them up in our field guides when we get back to the library.

If you are planning to come bird watching with us please stop by the teen desk to fill out a permission form to leave the library (you will need a parent).  Kids without permission forms will not be allowed to leave the library to bird watch with us.

On bird watching days please wear appropriate outdoor shoes and no white or noisy clothing (which will startle the birds away).



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