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This Week: In Programming

Hi all,

It’s Saturday, and I’m working at the circ desk so I thought I would let you all know what’s happening in the Teen Room this week.  (That desk gets busy!  Now it’s Sunday and I’m finishing this post!) 

Monday, Tune In: Music Sharing, 1pm:  This week’s theme is musicals.  So join us to listen to new showtunes and recommend your favorites!  Bring your CDs, mp3 players or even records!

Monday, Metamorphosis, 3:30pm:  Join me in learning about Post Secret and making postcards, because everyone loves getting real mail, right?  We’ll use scraps from old magazines, duct tape, rubber stamps, glitter, and make stamps using potatoes (potato printing!).  Make as many postcards as you want!

Tuesday, Act One, 2:30pm:  Act up with Beth and a member of the PTHS Theatre Troupe!

Tuesday, Writers Studio, 6pm-?:  Do you need someone to offer feedback on a story you’ve been writing, but you don’t want to give it to your mom or bestfriend to read?  Cme to the Writers Studio.  We’ll meet every other Tuesday for the rest of the summer to workshop your writing.  Who knows, maybe you’ll turn that short story into a novel and end up shopping it around to publishers.

Wednesday, Creatures, 2:30pm:  Read from All Creatures Great and Small with Beth.  Then scavenge the library for more books about animals.

Wednesday, Game On! Tweens 4-6pm & Teens 6:30-8:30pm:  Open gaming with the 360s and the Wii.  Snacks will be provided to fuel your fury!

Thursday, Genres, 2:30-3:30pm:  Do you have an (over-)active imagination?  Genres is the program for you.  Read and write your own adventure story, or work with a partner, during Beth’s one hour program!

Friday, Late Night @ the Library, 6:30-9:30pm:  BIG Bug Movie Night!  Drink Rootbeer or Coke floats, snack on bug gummies, and watch Them and Mysterious Island with me!

Saturday, Project Design, 11-1pm:  Come make unique clothes out of recycled fabrics and any other materials you can think of.  We’d like to have a fashion show of all the creations at our end of summer Summer Reading Wrap Party.

The library isn’t about shushing anymore!  So stop by this week and get creative with us! 

(Super Smash Bros Brawl Tournament info will be posted in a few short days–so keep checking back!!)


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*Late Night Movie Change*

Just wanted to let everyone know that we’ll be watching Arachnophobia Friday at our Urban Legend Night, not Alligator like I previously said.  See you there!


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Thursday Afternoon Movie & Friday Late Night!

It’s going to be 87 degrees tomorrow afternoon!  So come get cool in the library.  At 4pm we’ll be watching a movie, either Becoming Jane or Whale Rider.  We’ll leave it up to a vote. 
















Don’t forget to come by again on Friday night for Late Night @ the Library.  This week is Urban Legend night!  We’ll see who knows the most urban legends, learn which urban legends are actually true, play a game using our camera phones, eat Pop Rocks, and watch Alligator–because you’ve always wondered what happens when an alligator gets flushed down the toilet, right?!?! 

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What are you doing on Friday Nights this summer?

I’ll be at the library.  Every Friday, beginning June 20th, I’ll be at the library from 6:30-9:30pm waiting to do ridiculously fun activities and eat delicious food with you!  No two Fridays will be the same.  Here’s the weekly schedule so you can decide which Friday nights you’d like to hang out at the library:                                  

June 20, Fear Factor Challenge & Game Night-Come ready to eat more disgusting dishes than anyone else in order to win a prize!  Then, if your stomach allows, play Box Ball.

June 27, Open Mic & Urban Legend Night-In between open mic acts find out if eating PopRocks and Coke at the same time will really make your head explode! (Subject to change if there are not enough performers lined up).

July 4-HOLIDAY!  Library closed.

July 11, Big Bug Movie Night-Watch old, cheesy, and scary bug-themed horror movies.  Projected onto the wall in the Teen Reading Room.  Crunch some buggy snacks.

July 18, Chocolate Party & Mix CD Swap-Bring your favorite snack to dip into vats of chocolate…No double dipping!  Also, if you please, bring a mix CD of your making.  We’ll play them while we eat.  Everyone who brings a mix can choose someone else’s to take home with them.

July 25, Open Mic & Bug Masquerade-Dress up like a bug, or make bug masks with us, for this open mic night!  Don’t want to dress up like a bug?  Dress up like a pirate!  Or whatever you’re feeling.  Best costume gets a prize!

August 1, Rock Band Contest-Get two friends and start practicing a song for this night.  We don’t necessarily care how accurate you are.  It’s all about stage presence!  Costumes are optional, but recommended!

August 8, Zombie/Thriller Night-Come dressed as a zombie.  Learn the Michael Jackson Thriller dance.  Watch fast zombies and slow zombies attack.  On screen, not in real life, thank goodness.  Fast zombies are terrifying!

August 15, Open Mic-Last Late Night and Open Mic of the summer.  Come support local performers!

**Interested in any of these events?  Please e-mail me ( to sign up for specific dates or sign up in the Program Binder at the Library’s Circulation Desk!

(Bring your Summer Reading Program Passport with you and get it stamped!  Stamps = chances to win prizes in our weekly drawings!  Don’t know about this?  Ask Kelly or Beth at the Teen Desk!)

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I came across this website Lost Zombies today and thought it might be of interest to some of you.  The purpose of the site is to gather definitive proof that zombies exist and turn it into a documentary which can be used to educate people about zombies. 

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of friends who are serious about zombies’ existence and zombie escape plans!  I’m not saying everyone should formulate a plan…but I do think interested parties should stop by the library to check out some of our zombie-related resources:

Night of the Living Dead by local filmmaker George Romero

28 Days Later-DVD

Zombies Calling-Graphic Novel

Zombie Lovers by Piers Anthony

 Don’t forget to sign up for the August 4th Metamorphosis Program.  We’ll be learning about special effects make-up so that you can turn yourself into a zombie for our August 8 Late Night @ the Library Thriller Dance Party!!  Sign up in the program binder at the Circulation Desk!!!


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Teen Performers Needed for Library Open Mic.

The library will be the place to be on Friday nights this summer. Really, I’m not kidding. Beginning Friday June 20, we’ll begin hosting Late Night @ the Library. Each Friday night we will do something different from watching a movie and
making popcorn balls

to eating Salt n Vinegar flavored insects!

Once a month at Late Night we’d like to have an open mic. Bands, creative writing, harmonica, performance, whtaever! It’s up to you.

The tentative dates for the Open Mic nights are June 21, July 25, and August 15. So if you, or anyone you know, might be interested in doing this, get in touch with me! E-mail me, Kelly, at or stop by the library in the afternoon to see me.

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