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Summer is Wrapping Up

Summer at the library ends next week! With that in mind here’s some of what’s going on.

Act One will continue as usual as we have so much fun every week it seems pointless to change. Jerry and Eli are welcome to stop in since they were so much fun and volunteered so often this summer. Our last scheduled guest actor will be Lauren Yadlosky today.

After two weeks of birdwatching I’ve decided to end creatures with an animal film. I chose a bunch of films and the teens in attendance will get to choose one. Choices are The Black Stallion, Babe, Finding Nemo, Gentle Ben, Dr. Dolittle, Miracle Dogs Too, and All Dogs Go To Heaven. Let me know if there’s some other movie you guys would like to watch and I’ll look for it. We’ll watch half the movie this week and the other half next week.

The Genres subject this week will be Fantasy. Any requests for next week? Want to watch a fantasy movie? Let me know.

Teens signed up for summer reading should have gotten their invitations in the mail by now. Call or email if you know you’re coming!



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Details about this week’s programming

There will be no Teen Movie Lounge this week. There will be the Short Film Festival during the same time though and we’ll probably still make popcorn.

Bird watching will continue on Wednesday even if it is raining. We have some indoor activities we could do if the weather does not permit going outside.

Genres will feature short stories again!

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Genres this Week

At genres this week we will be looking at short stories. Instead of me gabbing on for most of the program we’re going to listen to a PRI (Public Radio International): Selected Shorts podcast.

We can also explore the library’s short story collections and try our hand at writing our own!


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Hey teens!

This week’s genres topic is epistolary novels. Epistolary novels are written like diary entries, letters, emails, and im conversations. After we read some we’ll look for more around the library and write some of our own. If you missed mysteries and horror the past few weeks come by the teen room and grab the mystery and horror book lists.


See you Thursday!


-BETH! chat

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SOLVE!! or just read MYSTERIES at Genres this Thursday

This thursday during Genres we will be looking at Mysteries. We can look at some Mystery short stories and try our hand at writing our own or maybe a draw a scene out of a mystery.  Come learn more about mysteries or get introduced to new mystery novels you may have never heard of. 


mysteries painting




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You Need to Know

Next week is the kick off of the summer teen library programs. We have a lot of good things on the schedule throughout the summer. Some of the programs vary depending on the weekly topic so Kelly and I will often announce the topics before hand so that interested teens will know to come on their special week.


All that being said, next week for the first session of Genres we’ll be looking at Horror short stories and novels. Bring your favorite to share or just look at what we’ve got there. And if ghost stories frighten you to the point of peeing your pants…. bring a second pair of underwear. ghosts

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