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June Movie in Review: Indiana Jones

Along with your favorite book, curl up with a good movie (note: there may be some spoilers to this review!).

A couple days ago I saw Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, which was really awesome! The movie is the newest adventure that Indiana Jones goes on with his old allies, but this time he has a new friend (who is actually his son), Mutt Williams played by Shia Leboeuf. Of course, there is always an evil villain working against them, except this time it’s a power-hungry woman working with the Russians. Jones and his friends travel in the jungle to find the crystal skull, where they run into trouble and get caught by the enemies, who want the skull so they can have the power. A translation from a man who looked into the skull for too long and lost his mind leads them to the lost city of gold, where the skull must be returned.  This movie has many awesome action/fight scenes, and the special effects are great. Even though Harrison Ford is older now, he is still a great actor that could never be replaced as Indiana Jones. If you have seen the other 3 movies, or even if you haven’t, you should really enjoy this one.


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Dear Writer Teens,

I’m writing you this letter because I want you to know that a creative writing group will start meeting at the library on July 8th at 6pm in the teen room. This group will meet every other Tuesday to share their current and past writing projects so that all can workshop to make their writing better. 

Come ready to share and give opinions to other writers. Not sure where this short story is going? Offer it up to the group for suggestions. Have this great idea that you can’t get off the ground? Ask the group for ideas to get your pen started. Thought this poem was great but no one else liked it? Maybe the group can help you tweak it. Prepare for publication through the consult of this group. Discuss where to go to get published. 

Bring along your writing supplies incase inspiration keeps flowing.



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*Late Night Movie Change*

Just wanted to let everyone know that we’ll be watching Arachnophobia Friday at our Urban Legend Night, not Alligator like I previously said.  See you there!


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Thursday Afternoon Movie & Friday Late Night!

It’s going to be 87 degrees tomorrow afternoon!  So come get cool in the library.  At 4pm we’ll be watching a movie, either Becoming Jane or Whale Rider.  We’ll leave it up to a vote. 
















Don’t forget to come by again on Friday night for Late Night @ the Library.  This week is Urban Legend night!  We’ll see who knows the most urban legends, learn which urban legends are actually true, play a game using our camera phones, eat Pop Rocks, and watch Alligator–because you’ve always wondered what happens when an alligator gets flushed down the toilet, right?!?! 

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gaming tonight!

Hey teens and tweens!

I bet you all had a blast gaming with your younger [and older] comrades last week. This is just a reminder that tonight’s gaming goes back to normal with seperate sessions for teens and tweens.

Tweens are from 4 to 6 tonight and Teens are from 6:30 to 8:30 tonight, as usual.

And don’t forget we have new games! So get ready to try some new things or just show off some skills that library kids may not have seen. [I know a bunch of you must be Call of Duty 3 pros and Super Smash Bros. Brawl champions.]  

Watch out! Some kids have been coming to the library and practicing a lot during open gaming hours.  

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Attention All Aspiring (and Actual) Film Makers

Hey Teens of Peters Township! What are you doing with your summer?

Ever consider making a short film?

This summer at the library the teen program is hosting a short film contest just for teens called “A Rendering of Change.”  The topic of the contest is to involve “change” in your short film in some way or another. The film should be no more than 10 minutes in length and to submit it we ask you post it to YouTube with “peterstownshippubliclibrary” tagged. Films must be uploaded to YouTube by Monday July 28th. On Thursday July 31st at 4pm a film festival will take place in the teen room where the short films will be viewed and voted on by the audience. All submitted films will be shown. A time table will be written a few days before the film fest after all entries are received so friends and family can come and be sure to see your film! 

There will be a few different ways to win prizes and YES there will be prizes. Stay tuned for more details.


UNTIL THEN… better get filming!



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A New Book Related to a Previous New Book

magic burns



I don’t know how many of you read up about the new books we have coming into the library but a little bit ago we posted about a book called Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews.  Hopefully some of you came by and checked out this book that’s a cool new twist on fantasy. Haven’t checked it out yet? Scroll down to our previous post on it!

For those of you that read it and loved it we got in the sequel Magic Burns. Critics say, “Fans of urban fantasy wil delight in Ilona Andrew’s alternate-universe Atlanta.” 

If you like Laurell K. Hamilton or Patricia Briggs, these books are worth looking at.

If you like CSI or The X-Files, you might also like these books.

So come by the teen room and look at the new book shelf right outside to check out both of these books by Ilona Andrews, an up-and-coming fantasy author.


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