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Calling Teen Writers!

Teen Writers’ Studio is tomorrow night, Tuesday November 25, 6 PM in the Teen Reading Room! If you’ve never attended before, come join us! If you HAVE attended before, come on back! Bring some of your writing to share and some good ideas for helping each other. Can’t wait to see you!


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Programs are fun! You should come too!

This morning I used the T-shirt Bag I made at yesterday’s teen room program at the grocery store. We made some pretty cool bags yesterday afternoon, I must say. That’s just one example of the new things you get to do when you come to a library program.

Of course, the big program we’re looking forward to the rest of this week is National Gaming Day @ Your Library! That’s this Saturday! With a Team Brawl tournament on the big screens, and new and classic games of all types in all the rest of the library, you have to come check it out!

Other upcoming events: Late Night @ the Library on November 20 will be a Turkey Tournament– a night of Cosmic Bowling and virtual table tennis, food and surprises.

November 25 is another open Writer’s Studio– come and share your writing!

And December 6 is the Brawl Tournament FINALS– come cheer on the champions (and don’t forget to come play if you qualified!)

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September 6th Brawl Tourney Victors!

Saturday, September 6, was our biggest Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament yet! 

  • Competitors started arriving well before the 11am check-in time! 
  • Three students from the high school were here early to capture the action and interview the players. 
  • We had an 8-person waiting list of teens hoping some of the competitors wouldn’t show–so they could have their spots in the tourney.
  • One of the teens on the waiting list–Kahlil–ended up placing in the top 3!

Below, are September’s victors who are now eligible to compete in the December Grand Championship Tournament for the big prizes (bigger than the Game Stop gift cards they won this month).

1st Place:  Shadow
2nd Place:  GSNUG
3rd Place:  Kahlil

Brooke:  Brawl Knowledge Cube














The Top 16 Players get ready for the next round of Brawls!

Sign ups for the Saturday, October 4 Tournament begin this Monday, September 8.  Stop by the Teen Desk to sign up.  Only 32 players can sign up, so stop by soon.  You don’t want to be on the waiting list the day of the tourney!

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There are NO SPOTS LEFT on our September tournament roster.  All 32 spaces are filled!
If you want to play in September’s tournament, show up at the Teen Room at 11am on Saturday, September 6.  Your name will be placed on a waiting list.  If any of the 32 players who have signed up for the tournament do not show up by 11:25am we will use this waiting list to fill in the tournament roster. 

REMEMBER, just because you are on the waiting list does not mean you will be guaranteed a place in the tournament.  If you are the first person on the waiting list and one person doesn’t show up to check-in, well then, you get to play.  If you’re the fifth person on the waiting list and only two people don’t show up for check-in, sorry, you won’t be playing that day. 

Sign-ups for October’s tournament will begin after the September tournament.  Be on the look-out for that sign up sheet so you can guarantee yourself a spot on the October roster!


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Brawl Tournament Rules: Saturday, September 6

There are less than 10 spots left on the sign up sheet for September’s Brawl tournament, so get into the library and sign up!  If you don’t get to sign up, there is still the possibility you can play as a walk-in at the tournament.  Be there early to get on the waiting list! 

Read the tournament rules so you’re ready the day of!
Most important rule:  Bring a bag lunch!  You’re going to work up an appetite!


Super Smash Bros. Brawl



Pre-Tournament Rules:

· 32 Players can participate

· Library card is required to play

· If you sign up, you must guarantee your attendance

· You must check in 30 minutes prior to tournament start

· You may bring your own controllers (Nunchuck, Gamecube, Classic, etc.) to the tournament

· Bring your own lunch!  We will break for lunch after elimination rounds

· Expect the tournament to last about 3 hours.  Make sure you can stay the whole time!


Tournament Rules:

· All 32 players will compete in three 4-player elimination rounds.

· The top 16 players will then compete in tournament mode elimination rounds

· Elimination round: 4-player, 3 minute brawls (random stages, choose any character, all items on)

· Points are awarded as follows: 1st=100pts; 2nd=80pts; 3rd=60pts; 4th=40pts

· In the event of a tie for top 16, players will play 1-vs-1, 2 minute brawls

· Tournament mode: 1-vs-1, 3 minute brawls (random stages, choose one character only, all items on)

· Final 4 players will compete against each other in decision rounds (consolation brawl for 3rd place and FINAL round for 1st place)

· 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are eligible to compete in the December Grand Championship, but they are ineligible to compete in future monthly               tournaments

· Other Rules:

· Be nice and play fair! Sportsmanship is essential!

· Do not abuse or damage the console or controllers

· Do not ask how many points you have or if you will be in the top 16

· Points will be deducted for violations of these rules


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Summer is Wrapping Up

Summer at the library ends next week! With that in mind here’s some of what’s going on.

Act One will continue as usual as we have so much fun every week it seems pointless to change. Jerry and Eli are welcome to stop in since they were so much fun and volunteered so often this summer. Our last scheduled guest actor will be Lauren Yadlosky today.

After two weeks of birdwatching I’ve decided to end creatures with an animal film. I chose a bunch of films and the teens in attendance will get to choose one. Choices are The Black Stallion, Babe, Finding Nemo, Gentle Ben, Dr. Dolittle, Miracle Dogs Too, and All Dogs Go To Heaven. Let me know if there’s some other movie you guys would like to watch and I’ll look for it. We’ll watch half the movie this week and the other half next week.

The Genres subject this week will be Fantasy. Any requests for next week? Want to watch a fantasy movie? Let me know.

Teens signed up for summer reading should have gotten their invitations in the mail by now. Call or email if you know you’re coming!


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Brawl Tournament Winners!!

This is probably the most important information we’ve posted to the blog all summer and I’m ashamed to say it’s taken me longer than it should have to get it up here!

Saturday, August 2, was the first Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament in our video game tournament season. The season runs from August to December, with December’s tournament being a Grand Championship competition between all the monthly winners.

We had 22 competitors on Saturday! 32 people originally signed up to compete, but not everyone showed up Saturday morning. Keep this in mind in case you forget to sign up for September’s tournament–you might be able to play as a walk-in if someone doesn’t show up!

The competition was fierce and the Teen Room was louder than it has ever been. I’m sure people browsing the Nonfiction shelves upstairs could probably hear us through the floor :p

Reading while waiting for the next battle.

Reading while waiting for the next battle.

Sephi can't believe what she's seeing.

Sephi can't believe what she's seeing.

A lot of people who played in Saturday’s tournament have met Sephi. She had been working diligently to unlock all levels and characters on our two copies of Brawl for the tournament. Many of you got a chance to play against her and help her unlock items. A lot of you thought she was going to take home first prize.

Ready to hear which 16 players get to move to the next round.

Ready to hear which 16 players get to move to the next round.

Out of the 22 players, 16 moved on to the one-on-one final elimination rounds. There was an upset and Sephi didn’t dominate.

The final standings are as follows:

3rd Place: Sephi

2nd Place: The Chosen One

1st Place: David K.

These players will not be eligible to participate in the next 3 tournaments. This gives everyone else a chance to place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and compete in the December Grand Championship Tournament! Stop by the Teen Desk to register. We’ll have more details for you soon of how the September tournament will be run. And yes, you can bring your own Wii-mote/Nunchuk/Game Cube controller!

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