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Summer is Wrapping Up

Summer at the library ends next week! With that in mind here’s some of what’s going on.

Act One will continue as usual as we have so much fun every week it seems pointless to change. Jerry and Eli are welcome to stop in since they were so much fun and volunteered so often this summer. Our last scheduled guest actor will be Lauren Yadlosky today.

After two weeks of birdwatching I’ve decided to end creatures with an animal film. I chose a bunch of films and the teens in attendance will get to choose one. Choices are The Black Stallion, Babe, Finding Nemo, Gentle Ben, Dr. Dolittle, Miracle Dogs Too, and All Dogs Go To Heaven. Let me know if there’s some other movie you guys would like to watch and I’ll look for it. We’ll watch half the movie this week and the other half next week.

The Genres subject this week will be Fantasy. Any requests for next week? Want to watch a fantasy movie? Let me know.

Teens signed up for summer reading should have gotten their invitations in the mail by now. Call or email if you know you’re coming!



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Bird Watching Update

We will be bird watching for the next two weeks at the library. On Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:30 a group of us will go out side to watch the birds behind the tennis courts across the parking lot. We will record our sightings in our bird watching journals, which we will make before hand and look them up in our field guides when we get back to the library.

If you are planning to come bird watching with us please stop by the teen desk to fill out a permission form to leave the library (you will need a parent).  Kids without permission forms will not be allowed to leave the library to bird watch with us.

On bird watching days please wear appropriate outdoor shoes and no white or noisy clothing (which will startle the birds away).



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Bird Watching Nest Wednesday!


That’s right we’re bird watching at Creatures next Wednesday at 2:30.

When you get dropped off at the library to come to Creatures next week make sure your mom, dad, or guardian comes in and signs a form saying you’re allowed to go outside of the library with me.

Bring your own digital camera or use mine! Then we’ll come back into the library and look up the birds that we found in books.

 – BETH!

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Attention all animal lovers

Tomorrow Creatures will begin. During this program we will read aloud the first few chapters All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot [which I started reading last week and love!]. After we’re done reading I’ll show you some animal books that you might like.



So come by to read share your love of animals through books. If there’s time we can draw pictures of animals or write our own animal stories!



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