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Classics for a Reason

Hi, all,

Now that school is back in session, I’m sure you’re hearing a lot about the books you’re SUPPOSED to read– you know, The Classics, those books that were written decades or centuries ago that are supposedly Good For You, Educational, or just Important For Your Future Academic Career. To be honest, I think the idea that Classics are somehow Better For You is silly… but on the other hand, one thing IS true about reading the Classics: they are Classics today for a REASON. And NO that reason is not Old-Fashioned Language or Difficult Passages. Classics become Classics because years go by and people still read these books and think they’re great!

But Classics are not all alike– just like modern books, you’ll find some you love, some you’re indifferent to, and some you can’t stand. Everyone has their own tastes. But sometimes it’s hard to know which Classics you will like before you read them– unlike modern books,  which sometimes have nice stickers on the spine telling you whether it’s a romance or science fiction or adventure, the Classics tend to be lumped together even though they are NOT all the same.

So I’m curious– what Classics have YOU read that you’ve enjoyed and would recommend to someone else who likes books like you? Respond here and share the kind of books you like and the classics you’d recommend!

For example, when I was in 8th grade my favorite Classic book was Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, because I loved the adventure of orphaned Oliver trying to survive on the streets with a gang of pickpockets. In 11th grade I discovered my favorite Classic Author ever, Jane Austen, whose books I love because they are full of unique and funny characters. So what are the Classic books that YOU love, that you think other teens ought to try, too?



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New Faces in the Teen Room!


As you might have heard, Kelly has moved on to a new teen librarian position closer to her home (yes, she still likes you and probably misses you).  For the next few months some new people will be staffing the teen desk, and we’ll be glad to help you.

I’m Amy, and I’ll be here on Monday during the day (if you happen to not be in school), Tuesday afternoon and evening, and Saturday. My favorite things are reading (especially funny fantasy, mysteries, and… well, just about anything with great characters who are funny), creative writing (I’ll be helping out with the Writers Studio on Tuesday coming up also), and music (I’m pretty much an expert on rock of the late 1960s if you’re curious, but don’t ask me about country or hip hop because I really can’t help you there). I’m a huge fan of everything Jim Henson and his Muppets. Also, I’m very fond of food. I’m married and have a small son named Sam.

And I’m Casey, I will be here mostly Wednesday and Thursday evening and Saturday. I work full time at the University of Pittsburgh and live in South Park with my husband. My favorite color is blue and I love everything Irish since I am half  Irish-American. I love almost all types of music (except heavy anything, rock, metal, etc.) In my spare time when not studying to finish my last course for my library science degree, I am a 4-H leader, CW TV watcher, and avid reader. My favorite author is Lois Lowry and I really relate to Stargirl (can’t wait for the movie!). Other YA books I love include R.L. Stine Cheerleader the 1st, 2nd,  3rd, and New Evil. Stop by to find out more fun facts about me and come by Halloween to hear my awesome cackle!

Hey, I’m Katie. I’m a high school student, and I do pretty much every extracirricular you can think of. You’ve probably seen me at the teen desk over the summer working on the weekends, so I’m not really new here. I still continue to work weekends in the fall. My favorite books are fantasy and realistic fiction. I love pretty much any kind of music, especially songs from musicals! I like watching movies that are classified as comedies or chick flicks. Oh, and I love writing and acting! I’ve written some reviews of things on the blog, like Wicked, so check them out! Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions when you see me at the desk!

Hola. I’m Amber. I go to Peters High School, and I work Saturdays, Sundays, and occasional Weekday evenings.  If you come here a lot, you probably already know me since I hang out here so much when I’m not working. I adore David Levithan books, and all things dealing with human emotion. My favorite movie at the moment is Moulin Rouge! and my favorite play is Wicked (’cause musicals rock). I love a lot of kinds of music- mostly metal, but I’ll listen to anything you throw at me. I enjoy photography, writing, and talking to people that are awesome.

Come see us soon! Remember to check the calendar on the side link to see what’s coming up: like the Movie on Thursday the 18th, YouFilm moviemaking on Saturday the 20th, and Late Night at the Library on Thursday the 25th. We can’t wait to meet you!

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September 6th Brawl Tourney Victors!

Saturday, September 6, was our biggest Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament yet! 

  • Competitors started arriving well before the 11am check-in time! 
  • Three students from the high school were here early to capture the action and interview the players. 
  • We had an 8-person waiting list of teens hoping some of the competitors wouldn’t show–so they could have their spots in the tourney.
  • One of the teens on the waiting list–Kahlil–ended up placing in the top 3!

Below, are September’s victors who are now eligible to compete in the December Grand Championship Tournament for the big prizes (bigger than the Game Stop gift cards they won this month).

1st Place:  Shadow
2nd Place:  GSNUG
3rd Place:  Kahlil

Brooke:  Brawl Knowledge Cube














The Top 16 Players get ready for the next round of Brawls!

Sign ups for the Saturday, October 4 Tournament begin this Monday, September 8.  Stop by the Teen Desk to sign up.  Only 32 players can sign up, so stop by soon.  You don’t want to be on the waiting list the day of the tourney!

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