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New Video Games in the Teen Room!!

Some new additions to our Teen Room video game collection:

For the Wii                 











 For the XBOX 360



























 *Stay tuned for important updates about a Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament!


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Game On Tonight!

Just a reminder that open gaming will take place in the Teen Room tonight. Some times you have to wait a bit for your turn, so bring a friend to talk to, cards, or a board game!

Grades 6-8 3:30-5:30pm
Grades 9-12 6-8:30pm

The library has an intern for the summer. Her name is Beth and she’s going to be doing three weekly programs (one of which is the improv class!) so come meet her tonight. She’s pretty rad!

Also, talk to us about summer programs while you’re waiting your turn. We have some great stuff in the works for June and even better stuff for July!

Want to stay updated on what’s happening in the Teen Room? Friend us on Facebook, Peters Librarian.

Currently on constant replay in my car and brain.

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Teen Reading Room @ Peters Township Public Library

or those of you who may not know, and for those of you that do know, the Peters Township Public Library just finished an addition which added a 920 square foot space just for teens!

Glass doors separate this space from the rest of the library, so we won’t disturb other library patrons.

This new space has glittering, futuristic tables and stools and a retractable, ceiling screen for showing films.

A small kitchen area. A flat screen TV with Wii and Xbox consoles.

Three cafe-style booths, each with their own flat screen TV and Xboxes.  Get ready for some amazing programming and gaming tournaments!

And of course, there will be plenty of shelves for Young Adult materials.

Want a chance to play with these new gadgets? Come to the Teen Reading Room ribbon cutting ceremony this Sunday, April 13, at 2pm. And don’t forget to check back here frequently so you don’t miss the exciting programs we’re planning!

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