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Fun at the Library!

Come by the Teen Reading Room 7 days a week to hang out, read, study or play video games!

Sebastian, Allen, Alex, Dan, Luke and Nathan playing Call of Duty 3

Sebastian, Allen, Alex, Dan, Luke and Nathan playing Call of Duty 3

Having fun in the Teen Room!

Having fun in the Teen Room!

Playing DDR

Playing DDR


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Have you voted on your favorite book from 2008 yet?

…because I’m about to change my own old vote, actually. Who says you can only vote once?

Well, today is my last day here before I turn the reins over to Maddie for good. And I have to admit that, though of course working with you all is just swell and all, probably the thing I’ll REALLY SELFISHLY miss most about this job is this easy access to the New Books shelf I have, scooping up the Latest and Greatest before anybody else can get their hands on it! I’ve read a lot of terrific titles this year, but last night I finished a book that was SO GOOD I just had to get on here and recommend it to you specifically.

That book is Nation by Terry Pratchett.
Nation by Terry Pratchett

It’s the story of the survivors of a tidal wave coming together to try to start again after everything they know is turned upside down. Mostly it is the story of Mau, who grew up on the island his people called The Nation, who’d been away on his trial of becoming a Man when the wave came and destroyed everyone he had ever known, who’s angry and numb and not sure who he is anymore; and the story of a girl from British nobility who prefers to be called Daphne (though that isn’t actually her name), who had her share of heartache even before becoming the sole survivor of the ship that crashed into the island during the wave (well, ALMOST sole, if you count the parrot).  Their story is full of bits that will make you cry and bits that will make you laugh; it’s full of adventure and danger and discovery; it’s full of healing and rebirth. It is a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, turning pages, and then wishing there was more when you’re done.

I already was a big fan of Sir Terry Pratchett (he just got knighted a couple weeks ago because he’s that awesome!) for his hilarious fantasy satires in the Discworld series (which we have a lot of in both our regular and paperback YA sections AND in the adult fiction section– check them out, too). Nation is a different sort of book entirely, but one you will never forget.

I put this book on the shelf in the Teen Room with the rest of the great new books on display in the corner, waiting for you to come and check out their awesomeness.  Come in and take a look at it and the rest of the books there, and don’t forget to vote for YOUR new favorite!

I’ll see you around after I become part of the crowd fighting to check out all the great new books like a normal person….


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Historical Fiction for You Today!

In the corner of the Teen Room, there has been a big display of Historical Fiction books. What comes to mind when you hear the words “Historical Fiction”? Little House on the Prairie? Stuffy old guys making laws in funny clothing?

If that’s as far as your thoughts take you, think again! Historical Fiction books bring some part– ANY part– of the past to life– and there’s a historical fiction book for ANYBODY’S taste.

Want a swashbuckling sea adventure? Try Beyond the Western Sea or The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, both by Avi.

Like romance? Try Brooklyn Rose by Ann Rinaldi or Evvy’s Civil War by Miriam Brenaman.

Are you one of those guys always in here playing Call of Duty on the XBox? Find out what the life of a soldier is really like in a book like Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers or Under a War-Torn Sky by L.M. Elliot.

Want something to make you laugh? How about Catherine, Called Birdy by Karen Cushman.

Like epic fantasy? Try something taking place in the distant past, mythical and legendary times– Song of Sparrow by Ann Rinaldi or Anna of Byzantium by Tracy Barrett.

There’s even something for science fiction fans here– ever heard of Alternative History? Those are books that imagine something in history happened differently than it actually did, and show what the world might have been like instead…it can get a little creepy…. Try In War Times, by Kathleen Ann Goonan.

Come check out our Historical Fiction display and pull out something new to read. I expect to see some gaps in that shelf the next time I come in– I KNOW there’s something there for you. You’ll be surprised what you find.

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Calling Teen Writers!

Teen Writers’ Studio is tomorrow night, Tuesday November 25, 6 PM in the Teen Reading Room! If you’ve never attended before, come join us! If you HAVE attended before, come on back! Bring some of your writing to share and some good ideas for helping each other. Can’t wait to see you!

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Programs are fun! You should come too!

This morning I used the T-shirt Bag I made at yesterday’s teen room program at the grocery store. We made some pretty cool bags yesterday afternoon, I must say. That’s just one example of the new things you get to do when you come to a library program.

Of course, the big program we’re looking forward to the rest of this week is National Gaming Day @ Your Library! That’s this Saturday! With a Team Brawl tournament on the big screens, and new and classic games of all types in all the rest of the library, you have to come check it out!

Other upcoming events: Late Night @ the Library on November 20 will be a Turkey Tournament– a night of Cosmic Bowling and virtual table tennis, food and surprises.

November 25 is another open Writer’s Studio– come and share your writing!

And December 6 is the Brawl Tournament FINALS– come cheer on the champions (and don’t forget to come play if you qualified!)

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National Gaming Day @ Your Library!

As you probably know, we in the Teen Reading Room are all about gaming. Next week, Saturday November 15, we’d already decided to throw an additional Super Mario Bros BRAWL Tournament, this one for teams– and we’ve filled up the sign up list already again! (Never fear– we still want you for the waiting list). But it turns out that next Saturday isn’t just another Brawl Tourney– it’s OFFICIAL NATIONAL GAMING DAY @ YOUR LIBRARY! Which means we are not the only ones gaming next week– people all over the country are going to THEIR libraries to game, too.

And when I say “game,” yes, I do mean video games, but I mean Board Games too. The library has a wide variety of board and party games for all ages, which will be out all day for you to play. We even have a Brand New Game, Pictureka! which all the libraries will be trying out on Game Day. Can you imagine– being part of a record-breaking nationwide group of people all trying out the same game at the same time? Learn more about Pictureka! here: Click on Try it! to play a sample game online!

So if you weren’t planning to come next week because you’re already in the December Tournament, or you don’t like video games or Brawl in particular, or you were afraid you’d get on the waiting list and not get picked and be hanging around all day bored, COME ANYWAY! We’ll have all kinds of games for everyone to play!

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Super Smash Brothers October 2008

Hey Smashers,

We had a really great time at the October tournament.

1st place- Anthony Corkas

2nd place- Isaiah Perry

3rd place- Matthew Gereke

Thanks to everyone coming out…sign up begins next week for November!!!

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