If you were worried about our limited graphic novel collection, never fear with Kelly’s expert ordering it’s steadily growing!

This week we received many titles from the Flight, The Sandman, and + Anima series. There are way too many books to list any in particular but come by and check them out. Just by the cover I think the books look like they’ll make for some great summer reading (or school year reading, whatever).

We’re not just bringing in graphic novels! Our fiction and non-fiction collections are also growing. While putting out some of the new books this one in particular caught my eye.

American Shaolin

“Re-enter the dragon- Matthew Polly’s gerbil style will totally defeat your dragon style! Just call him a hard boiled egg: white on the outside, yellow on the inside. The most Asian of Kanasans will Wu-Tang you into the apocalypse.” – Mark Oppenheimer, author of Thirteen and a Day

“A lot of people talk about becoming a real live ninja and don’t do a thing. That’s bullcrap. But this guy actually did it! In conclusion, Matthew Polly is the complete opposite of a wimpy baby.” – Robert Hamburger, author of REAL Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Book.

Goodluck checking it out – Kelly and I both want to read it.




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