Super Smasher’s Saturday–Brawl Tomorrow Nov. 1st

If you’ve signed up for the Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tournament, don’t forget– it’s tommorow! That’s Saturday, November 1st @ 11 AM– show up as soon as possible to sign in– if you’re late, we might give your spot to somebody else! And speaking of which…

If you haven’t signed up for the tournament yet but you WANT to, the sign-up sheet is full. BUT, if you show up on Saturday morning, we can put you on a waiting list, and if anyone who’s signed up DOESN’T show up, you get in! Last month all we had extra openings and even some empty spaces– and one of those people made it to our Grand Champion Tournament in December! So come join us!

If you can’t make this Saturday, we still have one more open team tournament this year, on November 15. Sign ups for November 15 Team Tournament start Monday, November 3rd at the Teen Librarian’s desk.


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