New Books Have Arrived

DERBY GIRL by Shauna Cross
Bliss Cavendar is an indie-rock loving misfit girl stuck living the small-town life in Bodeen Texas. Her pageant-addicted mother wants Bliss to win the Miss Bluebonnet title, but Bliss has other ideas. To escape, Bliss discovers Roller Derby and joins a league in Austin. Joining the league brings Bliss into a world of tattooed girls, boys in bands and teaches her some important life lessons along the way.

It’s the summer of 1903 in Brooklyn. Fourteen-year-old Joseph Michton wants nothing more than to experience the excitement of the new amusement park of Coney Island. However, ever since his parents invented the Teddy Bear this dream is more than unlikely. The book follows Joseph’s journey through love, hopes and distress.

BECOMING BILLIE HOLIDAY by Carole Boston Weatherford
Using poetry, award-winning poet Carole Boston Weatherford tells the poignant story of Elaeanora Fagan’s transformation into Billie Holiday. A fictional but powerful memoir.

BLISS by Lauren Myracle
New book by the bestselling author of TTYL. Set in the 1960’s, new student Bliss arrives at Crestview Academy. Formerly living on a commune, Bliss is excited to make the new friends she never could with her hippie parents. However, beneath it’s grand facade, Crestview hides secrets. Will Bliss discover the truth, before it’s too late.

These four books can be found in the Teen Reading Room Recommended Reading Display!


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