Classics for a Reason

Hi, all,

Now that school is back in session, I’m sure you’re hearing a lot about the books you’re SUPPOSED to read– you know, The Classics, those books that were written decades or centuries ago that are supposedly Good For You, Educational, or just Important For Your Future Academic Career. To be honest, I think the idea that Classics are somehow Better For You is silly… but on the other hand, one thing IS true about reading the Classics: they are Classics today for a REASON. And NO that reason is not Old-Fashioned Language or Difficult Passages. Classics become Classics because years go by and people still read these books and think they’re great!

But Classics are not all alike– just like modern books, you’ll find some you love, some you’re indifferent to, and some you can’t stand. Everyone has their own tastes. But sometimes it’s hard to know which Classics you will like before you read them– unlike modern books,  which sometimes have nice stickers on the spine telling you whether it’s a romance or science fiction or adventure, the Classics tend to be lumped together even though they are NOT all the same.

So I’m curious– what Classics have YOU read that you’ve enjoyed and would recommend to someone else who likes books like you? Respond here and share the kind of books you like and the classics you’d recommend!

For example, when I was in 8th grade my favorite Classic book was Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, because I loved the adventure of orphaned Oliver trying to survive on the streets with a gang of pickpockets. In 11th grade I discovered my favorite Classic Author ever, Jane Austen, whose books I love because they are full of unique and funny characters. So what are the Classic books that YOU love, that you think other teens ought to try, too?



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