Breaking Dawn book review

You’ve all heard of Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. Get ready for the exciting and breathtaking conclusion. Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn is the fourth and final book for this series (At least from Bella’s perspective). With all the same main characters, this time you not only hear the story from Bella’s point of view, but also from Jacob’s.

The book is about Bella’s choice to either be with Edward and become a vampire, or stay human and be with Jacob. Once she makes this choice, other problems arise when some infamous enemies come back to cause more trouble. Now everyone Bella knows is in danger and she must find a way to stop them with the help of a lot of new friends. (This is the non-spoiler way of telling the story)

I think this book was probably the best in the Twilight series. It has new powers, new friends, and lots of vampires. I liked the fact that some of the book was from Jacob’s perspective because you get to hear the thoughts of the other werewolves through Jacob’s mind, let alone read Jacob’s own thoughts. I definitely recommend this book to all the vampire fans out there or if you just want a good fantasy book.


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