Summer Reviews- Lend me a Tenor

Instead of reviewing a book or movie, I thought I would review a play that’s going on right now at Little Lake Theatre called Lend Me a Tenor.

Lend Me a Tenor is a hilarious, entertaining comedy about a famous Italian opera star named Tito Merelli and an identity-stealing singer named Max. Tito is making his American debut at the Cleveland Grand Opera Company, but everything isn’t so simple. Max, an assistant to Mr. Saunders (the man who booked Tito at the opera), poses as Tito in the performance when he and Saunders believe that Tito is dead. The truth is that Tito isn’t dead- he just took some pills that made him fall asleep. Tito wakes up hours later, confused about what happened that night when people talk to him about the show. It causes a lot of problems for the characters, but a lot of laughs for the audience. All the actors and actresses in the show are so funny and they play their parts perfectly. I highly recommend that you should see it.

The show plays from July 24-August 9. Call Little Lake Theatre at 724-745-6300 to reserve your seats or visit their website at


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