June Movie in Review: Indiana Jones

Along with your favorite book, curl up with a good movie (note: there may be some spoilers to this review!).

A couple days ago I saw Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, which was really awesome! The movie is the newest adventure that Indiana Jones goes on with his old allies, but this time he has a new friend (who is actually his son), Mutt Williams played by Shia Leboeuf. Of course, there is always an evil villain working against them, except this time it’s a power-hungry woman working with the Russians. Jones and his friends travel in the jungle to find the crystal skull, where they run into trouble and get caught by the enemies, who want the skull so they can have the power. A translation from a man who looked into the skull for too long and lost his mind leads them to the lost city of gold, where the skull must be returned.  This movie has many awesome action/fight scenes, and the special effects are great. Even though Harrison Ford is older now, he is still a great actor that could never be replaced as Indiana Jones. If you have seen the other 3 movies, or even if you haven’t, you should really enjoy this one.

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