Ideas for summer reading- June

Although school just got out, it’s still great to read in your free time! Here are 2 books I read this month:

Marked-If you are into vampires and you enjoyed the Twilight series, you should definitely read the House of Night series! The first book is called “Marked” written by P.C. and Kirsten Cast. “Marked” is about a girl named Zoey who is a Marked fledging and must go to the House of Night for school to learn to become a vampyre and face the Change. She realizes that she has special powers that no fledging has ever had before, thanks to Nyx. She must find a way to overcome the “bullies” of the school called the Dark Daughters, and get her ex-boyfriend to stop following her. This book has tons of detail, it’s exciting, and I recommend it fantasy lovers. “Betrayed” and “Chosen” are the next 2 in the series. Try reading them this summer!
+Anima book

+Anima– If Manga comics are your thing or if you just like the animation, try reading the +Anima books by Natsumi Mukai. Currently in our library right now, there are 7 of the volumes (right now there are actually 8 with a 9th one coming out). The books are about 4 friends who have powers of different animals (called +Anima). They all have their own interesting pasts to how they became a +Anima (that are shown in the different books), which is what brought them together to go off on their continuing adventures to find a place where they belong. The main characters are Cooro, who can become a crow, Husky, who can become a fish, Nana, who can become a bat, and Senri, who can become a bear. On their journeys, they meet other +Anima, they get stuck in tough, and sometimes funny situations, and they get to know one another better. It’s a great series for people who love graphic novels. You should definitely read it!


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