Movies for tomorrow

Some people have been asking what we’re watching for Teen Movie Lounge tomorrow. We have two options. Lars and the Real Girl or a movie that’s just a little different – one of the old Indiana Jones movies. I won’t explain Indiana Jones movies because I figure everyone already knows espeically with the newest one just coming out.

lars and the real girl

Lars and the Real Girl stars Ryan Gosling. He decides to buy a doll on the internet and make it his girlfriend.

“The search for true love begins outside the box.”

So we have two different options because we want you guys to tell us which movie you would like to watch! Comment here on this blog post if you’d like but we’ll probably have everyone vote before we turn the movie on.

Don’t forget we’ll have popcorn to go along with the movie tomorrow!

Also, even though you should all be in school right now, don’t forget that we have our game on programs for tweens (6th to 8th grade) from 3:3o to 5:3o after school today and for teens (9th to 12th grade) from 6 to 8:3o tonight. Stop by! [We just picked up awesome snacks for those of you who come tonight.]



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