Teen Room Opens This Thursday!! Tell Your Friends!

Starting this Thursday, May 1, the Teen Room will be open after school hours. For the month of May the rrom will be open Monday – Thursday after school until 9pm. Friday it will be open until 5pm.

Everyone who wants to use the gaming equipment will have to go through a brief new user orientation so that you will know where to sign up for the games time limits, etc. Also, you will need your library card in order to use the games, so bring it with you! Don’t have one? No problem! Sign up for one at the circulation desk.

The room will not be available for teen use when planned programs, like Teen Movie Lounge or book clubs, are taking place. So check out the May calendar (in my previous post) to see when programs are happening and the room won’t be available!

Otherwise, come on in, chill out, study, check out the featured book shelf, and use our Wii and Xboxes! And just in case I haven’t blabbed enough about what games we have, here’s the list:

Wii Sports
Super Mario Galazy
Guitar Hero

Rock Band
Forza 2 Racing (3 copies)

*Remember, you must have your library card with you in order to use the gaming systems.
Don’t forget to tell all your friends! See you in the Teen Room.

-Kelly (Teen Librarian)


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