Despite the ribbon cutting, the Teen Room is not open yet.

Although the new Teen Reading Room was open to the public on Sunday it is closed again.  New bookshelves are being installed around the room and until this construction is complete the Teen Room will be inaccessible.

Hopefully everyone who was at the ribbon cutting ceremony on Sunday won’t forget how much fun they had using the gaming systems while they are waiting for the room to officially open!  While you are waiting, tell your friends about the new space and about this blog, which will keep you updated on the latest teen events!

Hordes of teens, tweens, and even younger children (everyone gest to come in on the first day!) experienced the new Teen Reading Room.  I was incredibly happy that the attendees were so good about taking turns and helping each other when someone wasn’t sure how to change the difficulty level on Rock Band or use the Xbox. 

Action photos coming soon.  (I thought I saved the newest photos to my flashdrive so I could upload them here at work, but I guess I messed up.)  Instead here’s a photo of a cake I made:

Turtle Birthday Cake

Special thanks go out to all the Youth Advisory Council members who were present to direct community members, answer questions, pass out refreshments, etc.  The day would have been a lot more difficult if this group had not been there!

Don’t worry, I’ll make a post when the room is open!


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